Guest posts

No Wheelchairs in Heaven

I wanted to do so much more with these Johnathon diaries, I had big dreams. But it’s not all bad I didn’t, we were just busy, you know, living life. And now instead of moving forward with the Johnathon diaries, it’s time to end them. Three weeks ago today to be exact, Johnathon passed away, after a long 7 week hospital stay, 6 of them being in the ICU . I knew one day he would have to leave me. I thought I would know when, and how, and how I would be after. Never in all my thinking was he only[Read more...]

Guest Post | Adventures in Parenting: Designer Purses to Diaper Bags

As a parent, you’ve got a lot to look forward to as your kids grow up. Sometimes you’ll be cheering for your child as they reach a new milestone, and sometimes you’ll be celebrating your own successes as a parent; both are great reasons to be excited! But sometimes your children’s  milestones come with new challenges for you to maneuver. This week’s guest blogger, Tabatha – a mom and member of the online QPAM community – has written about one such milestone and the awkward but shared experience many parents of young boys can relate to. The day has arrived: my kids[Read more...]

Guest Post | Feeding Tubes: Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

The following is a guest post written by mom and QPAM community member, Mandie H. A lot of her experience is with gastrostomy tubes (aka g-tubes) but her tips can be applied to all kinds of feeding tubes. If you’d like to know more about feeding tubes, check out this incredible guide that’s full of useful information for parents and caregivers! I still remember, it was eight years ago… We struggled with feeding by mouth. It seemed the more we tried, the harder it was for my son. We thickened his formula so much that he could no longer tolerate[Read more...]

Guest Post: Quinte Pediatrics’ social media voice reaches far beyond Quinte region

The following is a guest post from community manager and HCSMCA founder, Colleen Young. Anyone who follows me on Twitter (@colleen_young and @hcsmca) knows that I’m a big fan of Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Dr. Paul Dempsey and Sara Hamil, and how they use social media. They got started for all the right reasons like “taking down the walls of their practice”, building community amongst their patient families, sharing credible and useful resources and connecting with other healthcare professionals. But what struck me most 2 years ago when we first crossed paths on Twitter is that Quinte Pediatrics shows they[Read more...]

Introducing Jared!

Here at Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine we’re excited to welcome a new face to our team for the next few months. Jared Stire will be joining us as our new co-op student, working as a social media assistant with our own Sara Hamil! We’re super excited to have Jared on board, adding his wit and perspective to QPAM’s online presence. Take a minute to get to know Jared with his inaugural blog post! Greetings, Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine and health care enthusiasts!  It is my privilege to introduce myself to your community! My name is Jared Stire. For those[Read more...]

Working with our community: A guest post by our co-op student, Kristen!

At Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine we believe that healthy kids energize our community, and we’re passionate about working with that community to make it a great place for our kids and teens. Each academic year, we work with local area high schools and take on a co-op student for work placement at our offices. This year we’ve been working with Kristen, who took the time to write a blog post about her experiences so far. Take a look! I’m from Moira Secondary School and I come to Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine one day a week on job placement[Read more...]

Guest Post: Strong children need strong communities

The following is a guest post written by mom and QP community member, Jenn S. You can get in touch with her by following her on Twitter and be sure to check out her blog, Cleverly Disguised as Cake too! When I was little, I remember feeling as though summer would last forever, and Christmas would never come, and that the next school year was always just out of reach. Slowly, the years passed – I finished school, went out into the working world, moved out of my family home, and eventually decided to start a family. The speed of[Read more...]