Johnathon’s Story

My son Johnathon has been coming to Quinte Pediatrics for 5 years. We started at the old office on Front Street and followed them to the new building on Station Street. We love that they’re in such a bigger space because my son is in a wheel chair and now there’s so much more room to get around!

We visit Quinte Pediatrics quite often, mostly using the Acute Care Clinic. They treat my son effectively, always doing what’s best to get him better quick (even if it means visiting them more then once a week to ensure he gets better, they always welcoming!)

But it’s not all medicine and stethoscopes: it’s a family. Not only are all of the health care professionals and co-workers a close team that works well together, they make you feel part of that team as well. They treat ALL kids equally – though a variety of kids and kids with special needs come through their door, no one is made to feel anything less then normal. Kids are free to be their true selves.

You can always count on the man behind the stethoscope to be in good humor and often cracking jokes, even on his busiest of days. There is no rushing you out of the room until all your questions are answered, and the doctors give you a good understanding of what may be going on with your child, as well as info on any medication they may prescribe.

Everyone at Quinte Pediatrics takes the time to get to know you, even if it’s just to come down and shake your hand. And the interaction doesn’t stop there – I can check in with their Facebook page to check up on clinic days and wait times (my favourite feature) and through twitter they connect with you, often connecting you with other families to talk to.

I love everything about this place. They go above and beyond to help my boy. Its so great to know there is a place that is always on your side and, at the end of the day, puts kids first.

Johnathon’s story was submitted by his mom, Mandie.

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