Daniel’s Story


My first visit to Quinte Pediatrics was in my pregnancy when we found out our baby would be born with heart disease. I was terrified.

Dr. Dempsey met with me and provided me with information and resources to help me cope with the news. Our baby was born in toronto in August of 2011. He was born with a rare syndrome that included a number of other health issues. Minutes after birth he was rushed to the Hospital for Sick Kids where he underwent a colostomy surgery and a surgery to repair his heart.

Upon arrival home one month later Dr Dempsey and his team have followed him in his recovery. Their care and attention to his needs and mine have been outstanding. They not only provided my son with the care he required but they have also helped me immensely to cope with these new challenges. They helped, and continue to help, me become a more confident mother to my high needs child.

My son is now almost 10 months old and has undergone 4 surgeries, if you were to meet him tomorrow you would never know the challenges he has faced and overcome. I feel fortunate to have such wonderful doctors for my son.

Leaving SickKids Hospital after surgeries is a somewhat scary thought, being minimum 2 hrs from toronto, but knowing Quinte Pediatrics is following him is the comfort I need to bring him home.

Daniel’s story was submitted by his mom, Maya.

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