Medical Consultation

Meet with our pediatric specialists

Our Medical Consultation Clinic gives patients and their families the chance to meet with a pediatrician specialist to diagnose and treat problems that need more expertise and training than your primary care provider can give.

We assess, investigate, diagnose, treat and follow-up patients with more complex medical problems including neurologic problems like headaches and seizures, as well as problems with the heart, lungs, digestive system, kidneys, reproductive organs, skin and other systems of the body. A key service of our consultation clinic includes assessment of children with developmental delays and complex special needs, which we then often will follow through our Special Kids Special Care Clinic in collaboration with your primary care practitioner.

At your first appointment, we listen to the history of your child’s problem and ask about relevant medical and family history. We complete a physical examination of your child. We then sit down with you to explain and be sure you understand what we’ve found, and what to do about it. For most problems, we develop a plan with you, and finish by following up to be sure the problem has resolved or that ongoing management is still effective.

We see patients from birth to high school graduation in the Medical Consultation Clinic, and moms-to-be for prenatal consultation as well.

To book an appointment for consultation with us you will need to request a referral from your family physician, nurse practitioner, midwife, clinic physician or hospital physician.