Acute Care Clinic

A pediatric walk-in clinic for your community

This is our “Breakfast” clinic, intended to get children to school and parents to work.

The Acute Care Clinic is a pediatric walk-in clinic that is open to patients experiencing new illness such as fever, difficulties with breathing, diarrhea, etc. (i.e. something that isn’t an obvious emergency but that you might otherwise go to the ER for if your regular health care provider was not available).

Our community-based drop-in pediatric clinic will be running Monday to Friday mornings (with the exception of RSV and Picton clinic days – check our online calendar for clinic dates) for the rest of the winter season. Families will be able to stop into to see us at 100 Station Street from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. – early enough in the day to still be able to get the kids off to school (Please note that we won’t be able to book Acute Care Clinic patients after 10 a.m. as we will be seeing patients with appointments for our other services.)

The Acute Care Clinic isn’t meant to replace the role of your family doctor or nurse practitioner. Instead, it’s there to serve those who either don’t have a family physician or are temporarily unable to access their regular health care provider (i.e. if your doctor’s office is closed for vacation).