Our Story

Where we got our start

It all began nearly ten years ago with a simple idea: to provide medical services specific to the concerns of kids with special needs in the Quinte area. It was niche, but it was needed. So, in February of 2002 the “Ouch!” clinic was opened in downtown Belleville and a young Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine was born.

The response to the clinic was awesome. In fact, maybe it was a bit too awesome. “Ouch!” became popular, filling a gap within the local special needs community that kept everyone busy. It didn’t take long for Dr. Gerald Paul Dempsey to realize that between the bad parking and all of his big new ideas, Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine was going to need more space and lots of it.

Finally in October of 2007, QPAM found a new home at 100 Station Street and some of those big ideas started to take shape. The practice brought in pediatric specialists from across the Quinte area and continued along its path of providing services that just weren’t available locally. What started as Ouch! evolved into the Acute Care Clinic, which was geared at diagnosing and treating acute medical concerns for kids in our community. Dr. Dempsey and the QP team still cares for children with special needs too, monitoring their progress and coordinating their care.

Just like the kids Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine cares for, the practice continues to grow. With a vision of being the go-to place for the best in children’s health, QPAM is always trying new ideas; looking at services that will change the way we care for kids and working to bring those big ideas to life right here in Quinte. We believe that awesome kids deserve an awesome response to their medical needs – That’s what we’re here for!