Beach with Babies to Beach Babe

Beach with Babies to Beach Babe
 Living on the east coast of Canada is challenging with kids during the winter months, but our summers rock!  So many festivals, concerts, boardwalks, patios and beaches.
There is nothing better than packing up the car with kids, picnic basket, beach chairs, sand toys, cooler, towels, extra towels, bathing suits, change of clothing, and two toddlers.  Our coastline is gorgeous, and the drive to any of our beautiful beaches is breathtaking and very relaxing.
Until the arrival to the public parking area.  When “mom” now has to manoeuvre all of our belongings in one sweep onto the sand, along with kids who may need to be carried at one point or another!  Sounds like a blast?!
But once everything is in place…shade tent, blankets, toys, life vests on…I can finally relax!  Then, at the end of the day, the drive home is always the most rewarding part as I look in the rear view mirror and see those two smiling, sleeping faces.  It’s easy to feel like a flawless parent when your kids are sleeping, drooling and smiling all at the same time.
Today is July 7th.  I began my day like every other.  But, shortly after dropping my kids off at summer camp, I wondered what the beach would be like without them.  Just me, with one beach chair, towel, water and sunscreen.  Or being able to carry a coffee in one hand and nothing in the other.
Well, I did it.  As a matter of fact, I’m here now.  At the beach.  With just me.  And an overwhelming feeling of guilt that my kids are in summer camp and I’m at the beach surrounded by families with kids.  Watching parents lugging like mules through the burning desert sand and directing family members like air traffic control officers.  most of the parents here haven’t sat their glutes to their lawn chairs yet.  They are still working on the “set up”.  And I’m sitting…on my reclined lawn chair (that I didn’t even know reclined), with sand between my toes, facing the direction of the sun without any little mini shadows blocking the rays!  I’m still not 100% guilt free, but I’m enjoying it immensely.
In conclusion to this short story, PARENTS, if it’s possible, take a day, call in sick and be a Beach Babe.  The guilt is worth its weight in gold.
Maybe next time I’ll invite my hubby.  But today is all just for me!
– Tabatha

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