Access, communications, and experience: A look at our new community based services so far

Access, communications, and experience: A look at our new community based services so far

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We have completed two weeks of our new community based service here at Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, and the feedback we’re hearing is that you are loving the change!

Here’s what we’ve heard and seen:

  • Increased access — we have been able to increase our ability to see infants, children and teens for same-day or next-day consultation, and acute assessment, as well as regular consultations and appointments. Requests for rapid access have come from referring physicians and nurse practitioners who would like urgent consultation. We’ve also been able to help parents by seeing our patients with special needs who become unwell but have difficulty reporting what is wrong, making it more challenging to provide care at home without assessment and guidance at the office.
  • Parents and patients appreciate that the experience in the office is more efficient. Check-in is faster, waits in the waiting room before your appointment are shorter, and once your appointment is underway, we are able to flow more efficiently but thoroughly through the appointment to reach a plan of action.
  • Follow-up after your appointment is more comprehensive and faster. Our work with health care providers, including diagnostic imaging, community equipment and service providers, and tertiary centers has started to pay off, with more rapid reporting of results and shorter turnaround on the time between assessment and completion of tests and investigations. Because of this we are able to respond to you sooner, and reduce the worry-time many of us experience when waiting for a plan of action.
  • Improved communications — Our ability to focus on our community based services allow us to respond to, and initiate follow-up with you, more rapidly. And as more of our parents start using Wellx, we are hearing how helpful secure online communication in addition to the phone is for our community.
  • We have also spent time gathering parent-friendly resources for a variety of the problems we see in the office, and are able to get more resources in your hands at your appointment so you go home with more information and better understanding of what we have talked about.
  • More comprehensive monitoring of our infants, children and teens with special needs. Families raising loved ones have their hands full. There is often even more to juggle when your loved ones have special needs. Our role is to monitor the complex parts — medical issues, developmental progress, school needs, medications, follow-up with sub-specialists. We have been able to increase and restore the attention we give to these members of our community, and we are hearing that this is a welcome adjustment to what we do at Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.
  • More athletes and active young people are coming through our Sport Medicine and Active Living Clinic. More family physicians and nurse practitioners are taking advantage of this service and referring patients here, and more parents and coaches are arranging assessment for adolescent and young athletes.

As a team, our mission every day is to provide expert, comprehensive care, with clear communications and explanations, and follow-through until the medical problems we are dealing with are fully treated. We are always interested in your suggestions on how we can do this better.

– Dr. G Paul Dempsey


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