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Encouraging our youth to “choose life”

Warmer weather is… slowly… approaching. I’m a summer fanatic. Three of my favourite words are Hot, Hazy and Humid. I drive a car with a t-roof and no air conditioning. My family schedules our annual vacation for the hottest weeks of the year. Entire summers will pass where the only restaurants we visit are at the pier or on the boardwalk. One of the pleasures of living in town is hearing the sounds of young people deep into the night as they walk down the sidewalks, talking and laughing, apparently unaware how well their voices and sounds carry in the[Read more...]

QPAM x3: Information on our multi-location approach to care

Some of you have discovered that we have recently added a third clinic location here at Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. Beginning in January, Quinte Health Care (QHC) opened a new pediatric clinic at Belleville General Hospital. QHC is hoping that providing a ready-to-use clinic on location at the hospital will help recruit new pediatricians. This model of clinic-in-hospital is widely used in other centres in Ontario, and is based on the reality that a pediatrician needs a close working relationship with a local hospital to provide all the services needed for a full community practice. This includes the ability[Read more...]

Supporting safe sport and healthy activity with the QPAM Saints

Spring is here and that means warmer weather and even more reasons to get outside and get active. We know that an active lifestyle helps to contribute to the health and well being of kids and teens. If there’s anything better than giving youth an opportunity to get out there and get moving, it’s giving them the chance to do so safely. At Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, we like to get involved in whatever way we can to do just that. That’s why this year we’ve come on board to sponsor a team within the Belleville Minor Football League[Read more...]

Wellx: Our next step in improving care and communications

“Can you write that down?” I used to hear that frequently earlier in my career. Often from dads who brought their children in for an appointment. There are few things so motivating for a dad as knowing he will have to report the details of a visit to the doctor to mom when she gets home. So early on, I got into the habit of writing things down. And drawing pictures. After the visit is over, mom, dad, guardians and grandparents often think of something else they want to add, or ask. For several generations now, the phone has been[Read more...]