Happy Holidays from QPAM!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from everyone here at Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine! We hope you all enjoy this peaceful time of year surrounded by friends and family. Thank you for a wonderful year and we’ll see you again in 2013!

Welcome to QPAM Q&A

Welcome to our latest feature here at Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine: QPAM Q&A! Every month we’ll collect your kid’s and teen health related questions. Then, the following month we’ll respond to your questions in two ways. The first way will be with our monthly Soundbites! videos, in which Dr. Dempsey will provide quick, “soundbite” responses to all of the questions. But, if you’re looking for more in-depth information on any of the questions, you can visit our blog here at QuintePediatrics.com throughout the month for full-length articles. We’ll post a new article each week! If you’re eager to get[Read more...]

Wheelchair Comfort Tips

The following post is part of our monthly QPAM Q&A feature. Question: “How can I best provide comfort to my child in a wheelchair?” Answered by: Jared   If you have a child who has limited mobility and therefore spends much of their time in a wheelchair, this post may be of particular interest to you. The process of achieving comfort in a wheelchair can be very involved.  For an individual who is non-verbal, the situation can be even more difficult.  Over the years, I myself have studied and experienced a tricky little thing referred to as autonomic dysreflexia.  This[Read more...]