Have a special needs child or teen in your life? We’re looking for your feedback!

Have a special needs child or teen in your life? We’re looking for your feedback!

Special Kids, Special Care

Have a special needs child or teen in your life? We’re looking for your feedback!

When it comes to our Special Kids, Special Care clinic, we work with young people living with a wide variety of conditions. Cerebral palsy, congenital heart diseases, Down Syndrome, genetic disorders, epilepsy and even complex problems that elude diagnosis – you name it, we’ve seen it and we’re always looking for greater ways to respond and care for the unique needs of each patient.

Anyone who has ever lived or works with a special need child or teen knows that, caring for the needs their condition requires is no easy task. Treatment is often multi-faceted and complex. There’s no such thing as a simple answer or quick fix and the continued care of each child requires the dedication of a number of support people over many years.

It’s with this in mind that we here at Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine are reaching out for your input.

In order to help increase our scope and improve the level of care that our Special Kids, Special Care patients receive, we want to hear what kinds of services and treatment options YOU would like to see in Belleville!

Would quick access to an *insert therapist of choice here* to improve your child’s quality of life? Maybe having *insert awesome treatment option here* close-by would take some stress off your family? Whatever the service, we want to hear from you!

While we can’t make any promises, knowing what our community needs will better help us develop our special needs services.

And just to show you how much we want to hear what you have to say, everyone that leave their thoughts as a comment on this post between now (Sunday, June 17th, 2012) and Friday, June 25th (11:59 p.m.) will be entered to win some fun swag from Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine!

Have your opinions heard AND possibly win cool stuff? What’s not to love!


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11 thoughts on “Have a special needs child or teen in your life? We’re looking for your feedback!

gareth haddock says:

i would say as a parent of special needs child….a few things off the top of my head as i tpye this on an ipad a,nd foollow my autistiic child about.
hardshell hyperbaric…1.5. atm. similar to http://www.abilitycamp.com
affordable speech and language therapy
stem cell therapy
autism focussed dietician….

great idea guys….i am always grateful for dr.dempseys forward thinking and his great team……
keep up the great work!

Kelly says:

Playgroups for kids with special needs, sports. Diet specialists.

Liz McLennan says:

Am currently studying Developmental Services work at Loyalist – learning to support folks (adults and children) with disabilities. Will be watching this thread with keen interest – it will such a privilege to one day support someone like wee Mr. J in the photo, live his/their best life.

If I may be so bold, I like to add a question of my own for parents and others who care for people with special needs: What qualities would you most like a DSW (or other support person) to bring to your life/your loved one’s life? Aside from learned skills, I mean.

Well done, Quinte Paediatrics, for asking the important questions and seeking the real answers!

    Amberly says:

    Liz-My brother has Autism, and we are forever looking for respite workers for him. We look for someone that is kind, compassionate and caring. Someone who is punctual and flexible. Someone who genuinely develops a relationship with him during their training period, and who works hard to understand him. Someone who communicates with him, not about him-it makes a huge difference to talk to him, as opposed to talking to us, assuming he does not hear/understand. We also look for someone who would be a good fit for him as far as his needs (for example, he loves driving, a car or transportation is a must).

    jennifer says:

    Liz: in my experience the best care providers are highly observand and can recognize patterns. Also, the ability to completely set aside your assumptions and ego and focus. Hope that helps.

Chantal says:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.
Also would be nice to be able to contact with other parents with special children. Sometimes knowing that you are not alone helps alot.

Jenn Sprung says:

I have been mulling this over in my mind since you posted it. What I wish for most- a place to meet other parents of special needs kids. Not divided by diagnosis, but united in the journey. Facilitators that help connect families with the information and services they seek. Clearly stated diagnostic streams (when available, though not always possible) with lots of information about where and what comes next. Someone to tell us all what services are available here and what we have to seek elsewhere.

On a personal note- I would kill for a feeding therapist.

Maya says:

Parent support groups, as a reminder we’re not alone. I’ve discovered the value of connecting with other parents who are on a similar journey. I find strength in even short conversations with other parents and their children in waiting rooms before my son’s appointments.

Stacey Mckeown says:

A listing of respite providers who can meet a variety of needs(both physical and emotional or behavioral) a place for special needs kids to play together so they won’t be overwhelmed by chaotic environments or trampled by more mobile children; A place for higher needs teens to meet without the social barriers. Better acacia blue parking at BGH so I can put my daughter in her chair where there isn’t an incline.

jennifer pearce says:

more parent groups and more supports as my son who passed away we did have support but not a lot

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