Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine heads to PodCamp Toronto!

This past weekend, Sara, our director of social media and communications, took a road trip to Toronto to attend PodCamp 2012 – an “un-conference” focusing on all things social media. Aside from attending an array of informative and inspiring sessions, she also participated in a panel for one entitled, “Sex, Drugs, Dying and Living: How social networks help with tricky and taboo health topics”. It was a great experience full of engaging discussion and thought-provoking idea-sharing. Sara, along with fellow panelists, Colleen Young, Jackie Hickey and Kathy Kastner spent the hour talking about the powerful role that social media has[Read more...]

Making sense of teething

In the world of pediatrics, each day is an adventure. The human body is complex and wonderful. Many medical problems are based on something easily identified. Ear infections and appendicitis come to mind. But there is more than enough complexity to the body to make the obvious, well, less obvious. An ear infection may be only a surface finding of something more complicated. Appendicitis may be so much more, or less, than appendicitis. At Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, we are often asked whether teething in infants and toddlers may cause fever, rash, diarrhea or other symptoms that look like[Read more...]