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As you may have seen on our Twitter feed or Facebook account, the Quinte Pediatrics office is closed this week. We don’t normally close for this long without good reason so we wanted you all to know what’s going on over here! Honestly, you’d think it would be quiet around here without the kids playing and the staff hustling but you’d be wrong. Here’s why: If you’ve been to our Acute Care Clinic before then you’re probably recognize this set up: Well the next time you come to visit, here’s what you’re going to see: That’s right – we’ve been[Read more...]

Check us out and check in with Foursquare

Last week we posted a pic of our snazzy new Foursquare window cling on Twitter and Facebook. We’ve had the office set up as a check-in location for a while but it was exciting to be able to show it off a little! After posting the picture we had a couple of people ask what Foursquare is all about. Seeing as social media is always more fun with more people, I figured I’d do a quick Foursquare 101 post! Foursquare is basically a game, described on their site as a “location-based mobile platform that makes cities easier to use and[Read more...]

Happy International Nurses Day!

While the whole week from May 9th to 15th is dedicated to recognizing the hard work and dedication of nurses, today is the big day: International Nurses Day! Every year on May 12th (symbolically chosen because it also happens to be the birth date of celebrated English nurse, Florence Nightengale) we celebrate the contribution of nurses around the world to the field of health care. Let’s be honest – these men and women have a tough job! Keeping kids healthy would be an incredibly daunting (if not impossible!) task without their invaluable skill. Today we take the time to thank[Read more...]

Get Chatting: We’ve Launched Our Facebook Discussion Boards!

Today we launched our first discussion board on our official Facebook page and while it may not seem like a huge deal to some people, we’re pretty excited about it! We see a lot of engagement on our page and not just from our friends and patrons talking to us but also with each other (which is absolutely the point! It’s awesome). It’s already a great place to connect with other parents and share stories and information so we thought it was about time to take that interaction to the next level! The beauty of Facebook discussion boards is that[Read more...]

Health Care and Social Media: QP Visits the #hcsmca Meetup!

This past Tuesday, I (Sara!) took a trip to take part in the #hcsmca Meetup that took place in Toronto that evening. It was a bit of a trek but the experience was absolutely worth the drive. #hcsmca is a Twitter “hashtag” that stands for Health Care Social Media Canada and is used as part of a weekly online discussion lead by health communicator and Twitter superstar, Colleen Young. Every Wednesday at 1pm, health care professionals and enthusiasts from across Canada and beyond take to their Twitter accounts to discuss topics related to the application, place and future of social[Read more...]
Breathe Easy: Spreading the Word About Asthma

Breathe Easy: Spreading the Word About Asthma

For children, asthma can be a real challenge. With their active lifestyles, triggers such as exertion and environmental allergens are often difficult to avoid. The Lung Association recently noted that uncontrolled asthma is the leading cause of hospitalization of kids in Canada. While there may not be a cure for Asthma there are ways to help kids treat and manage its symptoms. What is asthma? Asthma is a chronic disease that makes breathing difficult. When someone with asthma encounters a “trigger” (something that irritates the condition like physical activity, smoke or cold or humid temperatures, to name a few) or[Read more...]